Unsure if investing in maximizing employee engagement is worthwhile?

Every $1 spent on gamified eLearning drives a $30 gain in productivity!

Key Features for e-Learning

  • Enterprise integration with LMS’s, data warehouses, content management systems, CRM’s, and authentication systems.

  • Adaptive quests and content challenges create intrigue and drive deep participation.

  • Recognition, leveling and reward systems keep students highly motivated and coming back for more.

  • Gameplay loops with optional mini-games can further boost interactivity and interest

  • Dynamic profiles not only reflect personal insights back to the learners but also give insight into community segmentation for improved program and resource optimization.

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Numbers matter to us. We drive results that you can measure.

  • 78% repeat participation to stimulate interest

  • 18% deep engagement reduces churn

  • 14% increase in comprehension boosts skill-based knowledge

  • 9% increase in knowledge retention leverages content

  • 66% call-to-action response drives outcomes

Proven Results

  • Maximized learner interest and participation

  • Individualized learner and faculty development

  • Improved information consumption

  • Extended community participation

  • Improved community visibility

  • Increased outcomes and desired behaviours