¡Excelente! Pug Pharm & Kotex México Shatter Records with Engagement Campaign!


Pug Pharm Productions Inc., experts in using gameplay design to heap generous helpings of engagement onto the world, has just concluded the sequel to its beloved Mis Momentos customer loyalty activity & contest for Kimberly Clark Mexico’s flagship Kotex product line.  

After carefully analyzing the successful initial project from 2014, Pug Pharm and Kimberley Clark Mexico re-teamed for a second collaboration to create “Mis Momentos 2” (clever title, no?). Loaded with refinements, improvements, and devilishly beautiful good looks, MM2 seized wi-fi bandwidth from the Baja to Yucatan peninsulas and engaged over 12,250 community members (35% of which were eager returning players from MM1!) with the Kotex brand.  

Over five weeks, Kotex customers participated by playing a fun, interactive contesting activity available on mobile and online via Facebook. They closely followed the brand’s website and social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to discover clues and earn special loyalty code words that granted them chances to play a fun contesting activity. Players were then invited to select random branded “Mis Momentos” items to build up collections of colourful and interesting themed virtual cards.  

Our rockstar designers improved upon the original activity with an innovative new choice-based activity flow that empowered individuals to make meaningful choices directly related to the Kotex brand. Players could select different theme-branded pathways (each with their own unique set of collectibles and prizes) and selected strategies that earned them chances at winning either instant prizes or a higher-value grand prize kit. Every time they played, their chances of winning increased!  

What we’ve known and practiced for years—and many points & badges “gamification” companies in the industry still haven’t realized—is that choice and strategy are powerful agents of engagement.  

Unsurprisingly, Mis Momentos 2 analytics were even more awesome than the first. Metrics showed remarkable response rates and engagement patterns, with over 63% of the total community participating repeatedly during the five week campaign, a 28-65% increase in participation across multiple social channels, and high voluntary sharing throughout personal networks. The campaign was even extended for a week due to popular demand—Kotex fans loved MM2 and wanted more!

Supporting the program is Pug Pharm’s award-winning Picnic™ Engine, a loyalty activity platform built over the past 6+ years by a team of veteran game designers, web technology experts, software-as-a-service product managers, and a team of high-altitude test pilots studying the dynamics of gameplay at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere.