Customer Audience Engagement 101

Customer Audience Engagement

Measuring Success Through Engagement Metrics

PUG Interactive PICNIC™ Platform — The Amazing Audience Engagement Maximizer

When the world’s top brands are looking for ways to anticipate and meet the real-time needs of customers, they choose the PICNIC™ technology platform to drive better customer engagement, in turn building brand loyalty and improved retention rate.

The PICNIC™ Customer Engagement Hub is an award-winning platform that makes engaging communities a snap. PICNIC™ ensures customer engagement through gamification and via adaptive quests, challenges, rewards, and video-game inspried gameplay actions. PICNIC™ also support enterprise integration with CRM’s and data warehouses to provide your enterprise valuable information and allow smart decisions to be taken in a timely and effective manner.

World-class customer engagement interaction designs need world-class technologies, and PICNIC™ is able to provide an amazing user or customer experience whenever they interact with your brand, company or product. When it comes to overall engaging customers in best possible way, PUG’s PICNIC™ can’t be beat.

Steve’s Net Engagement Score™ An Engagement Metrics Measuring Tool Go Beyond Expectations

When it comes to measuring engagement and improving the value people are getting from engagement, the most dependable enterprise analytics tool today is SNES™ Net Engagement Score analytics methodology. Conceived by the math geniuses at PUG, the SNES™ analytics tool allows every user engagement and action to be tracked and measured consistently, offers ways of gaining insight into the customers motivations, needs, wants and preferences. SNES™ makes measuring a wide range of user Engagement Metrics simple and reliable.

If you are looking for the best Customer Engagement Services for enterprise, you don’t have to go any further than PUG Interactive. PUG leads from the front by offering solutions for measuring customer engagement and better audience engagement.

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