Conservation Pays With PUG’s Picnic

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 1, 2022 – PUG Interactive, a leader in gamified engagement solutions for enterprise, in partnership with Broward Water Partnership has released a major update to the highly successful Conservation Pays community engagement called “Splash.”

Made possible by the power and flexibility of PUG’s Picnic Customer Engagement platform, Splash brings leading-edge digital play to the community with competitive dynamics and captivating prizes.

“Players can show their knowledge of conservation, climate change, and sustainability. Quizzes and quests are designed for every age. Winners will receive cash prizes and will also be immortalized as an animated character in an animation, a cartoon, and coloring sheet,” Diane Jones told press.

In 2019, the Partnership launched its first online game – Play Conservation Pays and Win – and more than 2,500 people played the game. A survey conducted after the game showed a vast majority of people said they learned new things and changed their behavior as a consequence of the game. Changing people’s attitudes and behaviors toward water conservation is necessary to ensure we have water for the future.