Pug Pharm Productions Inc., experts in customer engagement and eating chocolates off of hotel pillows, have joined forces with one of the world’s fastest growing hospitality chains, CityExpress, to create the most advanced guest loyalty contesting activity.

Launching in Q3 2014, City Traveler was built in collaboration between Team Pug Pharm’s oddball gameplay designers and the hospitality geniuses at CityExpress. City Traveler is a one-of-a-kind online experience that delivers a fun and engaging interactive contesting and loyalty rewards to hotel guests.

To play, guests simply perform any of a wide variety of high-value customer actions, including: booking hotel rooms, following social media streams, signing up for the loyalty program, opting-in to communications, and interacting with partners. Each guest action unlocks a special online activity where they can earn random collections of themed virtual cards and strategically assemble them to earn room upgrades, movie tickets, free night stays, and 6-packs of triangle-tipped toilet paper rolls.

Other innovative features within City Traveler include “wild card” collectables, a “daily-activity” mini-game that encourages ongoing interaction in-between hotel visits, status levels, and “route builder” quests that reward guests who are loyal to City Express hotels across wide geographic regions.

Supporting the program is Pug Pharm’s award-winning Picnic™ Community Engagement Engine, a loyalty activity platform built over the past 6+ years by a team of veteran game designers, web technology experts, software-as-a-service product managers, and a cool robot I built using tinfoil and an old VCR.