Adaptive Questing Update Launched for Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub

Picnic™ Engagement Engine

PUG Interactive releases Game & Quest Services 2.0 update for its gamified Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub platform  

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – PUG Interactive has released Game & Quest Services 2.0, part of the Picnic™ Customer Engagement Hub. This update brings advanced capabilities for enterprise companies seeking to create adaptive, complex, multi-step challenge/activity quests for their large customer communities.

This update means that quests will now support complex, branching combinations of user actions and behaviors including both internal gamified actions as well as those from 3rd party systems such as Learning Management Systems, Point of Sale, or CRMs. These new capabilities make it possible to design highly sophisticated adaptive customer experiences that provide a rich, customized and relevant experience, providing deeper engagement in addition to highly targeted content.

Quests can now also be selectively made available to specific groups of users who are segmented according to their profile, accomplishments, activities or other criteria. This update also includes improvements to Picnic™ Developer tool templates, which speed the time it takes to create new engagement applications.

About PUG Interactive

PUG Interactive is a leader in providing gamified engagement solutions for enterprise, delivering playful, purposeful community engagement to the world’s top brands. By combining proven video gameplay design experience and its proven Picnic™ platform technology, PUG Interactive delivers high-performance retention, loyalty, and motivation solutions for large audiences and enterprise applications.